This is a clockface I developed for the Fitbit Ionic and Versa watches. Sentinel was created in order to make it easier for parents to monitor one, two, or three type-1 diabetic children. Each individual to be monitored must have a working Nightscout website properly connected to a CGM data source. Sentinel can display current blood glucose (BG) values, BG trend-arrow, the delta (the difference between to the current and previous BG value), the time since the last BG value was received, carbs-on-board (COB), insulin-on-board (IOB), and the current basal-rate along with a simple graph with visible high and low thresholds. In addition to displaying data, Sentinel includes the ability to enter event reports to the individual's NightScout website using what is called the "Careportal." It is by entering carbs and bolus events that users are able to track the COB and IOB. Nightscout calculates the absorption over time and both carbs and insulin, and Sentinel simply displays the updated values. Sentinel can also submit BG-Check events. For alarms, Sentinel gives users the ability to set custom alarms for highs, lows, a rising delta threshold, a falling delta threshold, and missing data (when sensors fail or the bluetooth receiver is out of range).

Public Fitbit Gallery Page: SENTINEL by Ryan Chen
Private Experimental Build: SENTINEL X by Ryan Chen

Sentinel One

Sentinel One is a simple clockface designed for type-1 diabetic kids so they can monitor their blood glucose levels, practice responding to alarms, learn how to interpret a graph, and send care related notes to Nightscout. Sentinel One supports the following data sources: Dexcom Share, Nightscout, and xDrip+ Local Webserver.

Private Experimental Build: SENTINEL ONE by Ryan Chen
Sentinel One User Guide v1.0: DOWNLOAD
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